Viewing Your Shopping Cart


Once a user is logged on to the system and has added at least one item to a quote it is possible for the user to view their shopping cart. In order to access the cart the user can click the View Cart button at the left side of any of the Parts Store pages as shown below.



The user will be redirected to the cart page. An example of the cart page is shown below:



From the cart page the user may view the items currently in the shopping cart, update the number of items in the cart, delete individual items from the cart or clear the cart completely. Each function is described below:




View Information

By clicking the magnifying glass icon next to an item the user will be redirected to the Parts Information page. More information about the Parts Information page can be viewed in the help topic entitled Parts Information for Part Number.


To delete an item from the shipping cart, click the Delete icon next to the line item you wish to remove. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion of the item from your cart. Click OK to remove the item or Cancel to keep the item in your cart.


In order to update the quantity of the items modify the number in the Qty text box for the part you wish to update. Click the Recalculate button to update the cart.

The button causes the parts system to recalculate the Total List Price by multiplying the Qty times the List Price. The Total List Price will be updated to reflect the new total list price.

The Clear Cart button removes the items from the cart after confirming that the user wishes to clear the cart.

The Back button redirects the user's browser to the previous page being viewed prior to viewing the cart page.This is equivalent to clicking the browser's back button.