Search Existing Quotes and Orders


If you have previously created a quote and wish to review it click the Search Existing Quotes and Order link from the home page.



This will redirect you to the Parts Quotes page as shown below. From this page you can view a list of all your open parts quotes that have not yet been submitted.



Using the Parts Quotes panel you can enter a Ship To name, select a Date or choose to show all your quotes or all the quotes created by your office. Once you have entered your search criteria click the Search button to update the list of quotes matching the criteria specified. If no search criteria is specified a list of all of your quotes will be returned as shown in the following figure.


Dates must be entered in the format of mm/dd/yyyy. You can also click the  icon to display a date. . Select a date from the calendar and the date will automatically be entered into the Date text box.


If you toggle between My Quotes and All Office Quotes the system will automatically perform a new search using the criteria specified. It isn't necessary to click the Search button to update the search results.


Use the Clear button to clear the contents in the Ship To and Date text boxes. This allows you to quickly reset the search criteria.



The following table describes each of the columns and provides a brief description of the results displayed.


Column Name



Allows you to edit the selected quote. Click the Edit icon to be redirected to the quote details page


Deletes the selected quote.


The quote number

Quote Date

The date that the quote was created.

Account #

The account number to which the quote is associated.

Rep. Name

Displays the name of the representative that created the quote

Company Name

Company with which the representative is associated.

Project/Order Name

Text that allows the representative to further identify the quote.

Ship To

Displays that ship to address or name. For more information on Ship To choices please view the help topic entitled "Ship To Addresses"

Total List

The total list price of all the items that are part of the quote.