Adding New Users


In order to use the Whalen Parts System a user needs to have a user account. The user account represents a sales representative or person that is authorized by The Whalen Company to create quotes or place orders using the system.


Users can request a user account by following the steps detailed in the help topic Request a User Account or a user account can be created manually by the system administrator.


To create an account select User Administration from the Admin menu. You will be redirected to the User Administration page where a list of the current users of the system will be displayed as shown below.


To add a new user enter a user name in the New User Name textbox and click the Add New User button. If a user account already exists with the username that you specified you will receive an error message stating that the username already exists.



Choose a different user name and click the Add New User button. You will be redirected to the General User Information page where you are able to specify properties of the user account. See the figure below.


In the General User Information section you can fill in the address information for the user account including the Company Name and telephone number information for the user.


The following fields are required in the General User Information section:


Company Name

First Name

Last Name

E-Mail Address


In the User Account Settings section you can modify properties regarding how the user can interact with the system. Each property is defined below.





User is Active

If checked, the user account is active and the user is able to login to the Whalen Parts System. If unchecked, the user is not able to login to the Parts System.


Timeout Minutes

Specifies the maximum amount of time the user will continue to stay logged in with no activity. Once the timeout value has been exceeded the user will automatically be logged out when they click on any active item in the site. Once the timeout period has expired, the user will be required to log back in to the system to continue.

Yes (default is 60 minutes) Range is typically between 30 and 480 minutes


In the User Administrator Function section you can set the user's permission level, sales region and reset the user's password. Each property is defined below.





User Permission Level

Specifies the level of permission the user account is able to exercise in the Whalen Parts System. View the topic entitled Permission Levels for more information about user permission levels.


User Sales Region

Allows the administrator to assign the user account to a specific sales region. This designates the geographic location that the user account is associated with.

Rep or Rep Manager


The  button allows the administrator to send a password reset request to the user's registered e-mail address. A link contained in the password reset link allows the user to specify a new password. This is especially useful if the user has forgotten their current password.


Additional Buttons


Three additional buttons are located at the bottom of the User Administration page. They are described in the table below.


Saves the changes made to the user account and returns the user to the User Administration home page.

Discards any changes made by the user and returns the user to the User Administration home page.

Prompts the administrator to delete the user account. If the administrator chooses to delete the account the account all information related to the account is also removed from the system. Consider deactivating the account in order to retain the information created by the account instead of deleting it.