Find Parts by Equipment Order Number


Starting in version 2.0 of the Parts Store software, it is possible to search the parts store for previous orders. Where possible, the system will display all the parts associated with a previous order and the user will be able to select specific parts associated with the order.


Users are able to search for specific orders by using any of the following criteria:


Order Number

Project Name





No matter the search method employed, if the system locates any order associated with your search criteria, it will return search results applicable to the search criteria. For more information about the results returned view the help topic entitled Equipment Order Search results.


To locate parts associated with an order, project, address, city, or state click the Find Parts link on the Parts Store home page.




To search for parts related to an order select the Equipment Order Number radio button as shown below.



From here you can search the parts store based on the order number, project name, address, city or state. Enter your search criteria and click the Search button. To remove your search results, click the Clear button. This will reset the search form and allow you to formulate a new search. Clicking the Back button returns you to the home page.