Equipment Order Search results


No matter how you search for parts, the system will return the same information for search results. The search results will contain a listing of each order associated with your results and will be divided into several sections. The information displayed is as follows:



1.Order Number - The order number associated with the search results

2.Address - The address of the project

3.Customer - Customer name associated with the project

4.Project Name - The name of the project or job

5.City - The city or location of the project

6.State - Abbreviated state where the job is located

7.View - Clicking the view icon allows the user to view the schedule of parts associated with this part

8.Part # - Part number of the unit. In certain cases a part number may not be available. In these instances the text N/A will be displayed

9.Description column - Provides a textual description of the part, if any. In certain instances a description may not be available. In those instances the text Unknown Unit(s) will be displayed.

10.Full Part # - The Whalen part number, if available.

11.View All Parts link - When available, if the user clicks this link they will be redirected to a page that displays all the parts associated with all the units that make up the order.