Bill of Materials


The Bill Of Materials page displays the information related to the unit or assembly selected. Below is a sample Bill Of Materials list.



1.Order # - The order number with which the bill of materials is associated

2.Part # - The part number of the unit or assembly

3.Full Part # - The fully qualified, complete part number

4.Description - The textual description of the part

5.Category Filter - A drop down list box that displays the different categories of part types associated with the unit. Set to Select All by default. If you modify the item selected in the list it will filter the items displayed and only show the parts that match the category selected

6.Info - By clicking this icon you will be redirected to a page that will display the details for the selected part. View the help topic entitled Parts Information for Part Number for more information about individual parts.

7.Add Part  icon - Clicking this icon adds the selected part to your shopping cart. For more information regarding your shopping cart, view the help topic Viewing Your Shopping Cart.

8.Part # - The Whalen part number, if available, for the part

9.Model # - The model number or name of the part

10.Category - The category to which the part belongs. The information in this field is used in the Category Filter drop down list box

11.Description - A textual description of the part

12.Lead Time (Days) - The number of business days expected to elapse between the ordering of the part and the expected shipment of the part

13.List Price - The suggested list price of the part.


If you wish to add all the parts in the assembly to your cart click the Add All button.