The Quotes section of the Parts System refers to the area of the web site that allows users to create and review quotes prior to submitting them to the manufacturer for fulfillment. When a user clicks on the Quotes button in the tool bar they are redirected to the Parts Quotes page.


From here a user is able to search for parts, add parts to their shopping cart, view, edit and delete existing quotes.


For information on locating parts and adding parts to your shopping cart please view the help topic entitled Find Parts.


For help on locating existing quotes please view the help topic entitled Search Existing Quotes and Orders.



Viewing/Editing Existing Quotes


To edit an existing quote use the techniques described in the help topic entitled Search Existing Quotes and Orders to first locate the quote and then click the icon next to the quote that you wish to view or modify.


You will be redirected to the Quote page which will look similar to the figure below:



The page is divided into three major sections:


Quote Information

Quote Detail



Quote Information


The Quote Information section contains information that describes the quote. Information such as the order type, sold to and ship to information as well as the shipping parameters are contained in this section. Below is an explanation of the information contained in the Quote Information section of the quote.


Field Name


Required/Special Notes

Type of Order

Can be set to Regular Order or Parts Warranty Order. This lets the factory know the type of order and how to process the order


Original Equip. Order #

Allows you to specify the original order number, if known. This may help the factory associate your new order with the original order and provides a cross-reference.


Sold To

Specifies to whom the order is sold. The information displayed here will normally be the rep's contact information. Required fields are:

Your eMail

Project/Order Number


Ship To

Specifies where the parts order should be shipped. Users can choose between the following options:

Add New



If the user chooses the Add New option a New Ship To Address modal pop up will be displayed where the user may enter a new ship to address. View the help topic entitled Adding New Ship To Addresses for more information.


If the user chooses Same the parts order will be shipped to the address specified in the Sold To address section.


If the chooses the Default option the user will be able to enter the address information. Required fields in the Ship To section are:

Company Name


Shipping eMail

Address 1






Print Icon

Clicking the Print icon enables the user to create a printer-friendly version of the quote and print it on their local printer.





Starting with the April 18th, 2017 release of the parts program, users are able, and in some cases, required to select a territory when creating new or editing existing quotes. If a user has more than one territory assigned to them, the program will require the user to select the appropriate territory for the quote. For more information regarding territories, please view the help topic Territories located elsewhere in this documentation.


Order Detail


This section displays the items that have been added to the quote. An example is shown below:



Each column is of the detail section is described in the table below:


Column Name



Allows you to view the details of the selected part. Click the icon to be redirected to the parts information page


Deletes the selected item from the quote

Line #

Displays the numerical line number of the item


The manufacturer's part number of the item


A textual description of the part

Lead Time

The average time that will elapse between when the order is placed and when it is shipped

List Price Each

The M.S.R.P. price that will be charged for the part

Extended List Price

The total for the line item. This represents the Qty multiplied times the List Price Each


At the top of the Quote Detail section is a link entitled Add Item. Clicking this link redirects your browser back to the home page. From here you may select additional items to add to the existing quote.



Modifying Quantities


After a part has been added to a quote it is possible to modify the quantity of items by changing the value in the Qty text box. Once you have updated the quantity click the Recalculate button and the system will recalculate the Extended List Price by multiplying the Qty by the List Price Each column.





The Totals section displays the pricing information for the quote. More information regarding the data shown in the totals section can be found in the help topic entitled Submitted Orders.





Located at the very bottom of the quotes page are three buttons. These buttons are described in the following table:




The Submit button performs validation on the page to ensure that all required fields have been completed properly and then submits the quote to the factory. Once the quote has been submitted to the factory the user will not be able to modify it.

The Save Quote button performs validation on the page to ensure that all required fields have been completed properly and then saves the information on the quote page. The quote is not submitted to the factory and will be editable in the future.

Cancel returns the user to the home page of the parts system. Clicking Cancel does not save the information on the quote. Any unsaved changes will be lost.