Main Menu & Status


At the top of every page in the Parts System a menu bar will be displayed that allows user to quickly and easily navigate between major program sections. The menu bar appears below.



The menu bar consists of five buttons. Each button and its function is described in the table below:




The home button can be used to navigate back to the home or main page of the application. View the help topic entitled Program Features to learn more about the functions available from the home page.

By clicking the Quotes button your web browser will be redirected to the Parts Quotes page. Information related to the Parts Quotes page may be viewed from the help topic entitled: Search Existing Quotes and Orders.

Clicking the Orders button will redirect your browser to the Completed Parts Orders page. This page allows you to search for orders that have been submitted to the manufacturer. More information regarding the Complete Parts Order page can be found here.

To view the two submenus and navigate through the administrative tasks in the parts system move your mouse over the Admin menu. Two submenus will appear which allow you to navigate to the User Administration or New User Request section.

Accesses the user help manual.

Use the Log Out button to disconnect from the Parts System and close your connection. Please note that any information you have not saved will be lost as soon as you click the Log Out button. For more information related to logging out please refer to the help topic entitled Log Out.


At the top left side every page is a status pane. The status pane displays the status of the user account currently logged in to the Parts System as well as summary information related to the user's shopping cart. Refer to the table below for more information related to the status pane.




Login Status

Displays the user's current login status. If the user is connected to the Parts System and active the status displayed will be Logged In.

Total Items

Shows the total number of items currently in the user's shopping cart. As items are added to the shopping cart the number is incremented.

List Price

Displays the total amount (in US dollars) that the user has added to their shopping cart.


If adding items to a new quote the status displayed here will be New. If you are viewing an already existing quote the status displayed here will be the quote number.


This is the multiplier applied to the order. The multiplier is a number greater than 0 and less than or equal to 1.The multiplier is used to calculate the actual cost of the order to the rep.

Total Net

Total Net is the List Price multiplied times the Multiplier. This is the actual cost of the parts order in US dollars.


Special Authorization Number